Mr Marcos Polioudakis OAM born in Rethymnon, Crete in 1928, acted as a runner between the Anzacs and the Cretan people during the Battle of Rethymnon. He dedicated his entire adult life to research and collecting material that related to the Cretans and Anzacs, producing a three-volume account of the Battle of Crete.

Marcos is credited with being instrumental in developing the Greek-Australian relationship and friendship and was president of the committee that oversaw the dedication of the memorial for Greek and Australian soldiers in Rethymno. Marcos’s activities brought him to Australia on two occasions, and he was awarded the Order of Australia in 1988 for his efforts. He was Immensely proud of this award, and genuinely loved Australia.

21 May | The Hellenic Memorial Canberra beside the Australian War Memorial commemorates those who died and fought in the Battle of Crete and Greece . The Doric column symbolises the birth of civilisation and is embossed with a Greek orthodox cross representing a soldier’s grave. The damaged steel fragments represent the futility and destruction of war and , together with the column reflect buried relics of civilisation and conflict.